Butt Monkey and the Wounded Cheesie

What’s orange and yellow and lays in the grass?…A Wounded Cheesie. Odd names for streamers, but fitting none the less. Alex at The Day Tripper has captured some video of the Butt Monkey, a pattern originated by Kelly Galloup, and put it up on Youtube for all to see. The Green Butt Monkey, Yellow Butt Monkey and the Wounded Cheesie are all variations of this killer steelhead and Brown Trout fly. By far, the most unique name for a streamer has to be the Wounded Cheesie. If you run into fish with orange lips and fins, tie one on.

The utube video is removed and you can now view the video at Angler’s Net http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Tying-Videos/play_video.asp?section=6&VID=142

I also have a link here from the Buckeye Fly Fishers, and step by step tutorial of the Butt Monkey.

Hook: TMC 300 or TMC 5236 in sizes 2 or 4
Yellow marabou plus six strands of gold Flashabou (Krystal Flash)
Gold sparkle chenille
Medium copper wire
Rust rabbit strip (olive rabbit strip)
Red wool (red marabou)
Collar: Pheasant rump
Head: Spun and clipped ram’s wool (tan) (olive)


Don't Pinch the barb on this one

Ronn Lucas, maker of fine freestyle flies and fine hooks must be getting a bit bored. Check out this hook he made with a barb on the outside of the bend.

 Outside Barbed Hook

I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Ronn also mentions the Van Vleck hooks which were done in a similar style, only they had a double bard rather than a single, so the frog didn’t slip off. lol The Van Vleck hooks were often used for fishing pike , musky and walleye.

Ref – http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=31142


Tying the Simple Shad

I just bumped into the Fly Fish Ohio site and was happy to see that they have a nice archive of fly tying articles and video building up. This is a nice minnow pattern tied to represent a Gizzard Shad, a fish that lives in abundance in the Great Lakes region. This is a fairly realistic pattern and I can see the beauty of this thing once it gets soaked. Tied up by Mr. Joe Cornwall and a pattern worth a look.

Click Here for a full step by step tutorial of the fly and to view the videos of the tying sequence.


Hook – Gamakatsu SC15, or equivalent stainless or nickel-plated short-shank hook.
Size 4 to 2/0
Thread – White 8/0 (70 denier) or clear mono
Pillow – Red Antron yarn or dubbing
Under-body – Pearl Krystal Flash
Belly – White Icelandic Sheep
Wing – Minnow Gray over white Icelandic sheep
Topping – Peacock herl
Lateral Line – Holographic medium tinsel or a two strands of silver Krystal Flash
Cheek – Mallard flank


Keep a hook in your vise

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