Spawning Purple Spey Fly

Here is a fly I found on Fly Fishing Forum. It’s a great winter steelhead fly. I’ve tied up a few to try out next week during a forecast melt. The fly was created by John Shewey for just such an occasion. Take a look at the beginning of the tutorial and head the advice given on marabou selection.

Spawning Purple Spey Fly

Spawning Purple Spey Fly
Hook: Salmon / Steelhead hook of choice
Thread: 3/0 Red
Tag: Flat gold tinsel
Body: Fluorescent red thread or floss
Wing: Purple marabou
Collar: Purple hackle under dyed orange guinea hen
Cheeks: Jungle cock (optional)
Head: Red


Merkins Crabs

Here is another video from Captain Matt Thomas. He does a great job with the videos and so I’m sharing another one. This one is a Merkin style crab pattern, essential for any trip to the flats. The pattern is a bit time consuming, but easy enough to tie. The video is easy to follow. Change up the colors of the legs and the body material to give yourself a decent selection of flies. Olives, browns, tans and duns are good choices for the body. Matt uses the EP fibers here, but you could also use X-Stream hair, Z-lon or Congo hair.


Keep a hook in your vise

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