New Fly Tying Contest Open – Homage Patterns Contest

It’s time to pay homage to those who have inspired you in the past by tying a pattern in their honor to submit to the latest fly tying contest at Fly Fish Calgary. Remember, you’re not just representing your self, but also the legend behind the fly. No pressure. Some examples – Jack Dennis / Kiwi Muddler, Gary Lafontaine / Deep Sparkle Pupa or John Barr / Copper John. There are tons of great proven flies out there, so pick up your bobbin and mount one in the vise.

Fly Fish Calgary


Tying Nuclear Eggs

I’ve been on a bit of an egg kick, but really, I’ve stayed away from them for so long, they are more or less new to me and well, it’s a bit exciting to be tying a few of them. Here is another variation on the Glo-Bug, a Nuke Egg. It’s basically a Glo-Egg with a veil, giving the fly a milky look to it. It’s another pattern for my to play around with and throw into the box once the new shipment of McFly foam comes in. 🙂


Keep a hook in your vise

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