Drawing Flies

A new blog has emerged onto the Internets. Thanks to Flyangler over at http://flyfishcalgary.com for pointing me towards this new gem.  Jeff Kennedy is a talented artist and in my favourite subject to boot. Don’t you think this blue Fire Fly would make a great tattoo? One of the nice aspects of Jeff’s work is his ability in a range of mediums from digital to watercolors. Jeff, you also need to get working on your other site http://www.fishingbabe.com/ 🙂 .


Fire Fly


Crazy Charlie Steelhead Edition

Here is a pretty traditional saltwater / flats pattern that has been a must have for casting to bonefish over the last few years. Now it’s been adapted to stalk steelhead. So what’s changed? Not much except that swannundaze is used on the body rather than a pearlescent material. So are steelhead taking these as eggs or shrimp? Either way, It’s worth a try.

Steelhead Crazy Charlie

Steelhead Crazy Charlie tied by Steve Burke
Hook: Mustad 34007
Thread: Red
Body: Clear or Pink Swannundaze or Edge Brite over Fluorescent Red Yarn
Wing: Fluorescent Pink Calftail or Sub Over Pearl Flashabou Tied on Underside of Hook like Throat
Eyes: Silver Bead Chain


Keep a hook in your vise

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