Black Cherry Spey Tube

I love tying marabou tubes and here is a nice combination of colors here. Tied up by Shaq from the Angler’s Net.

Black Cherry Spey

Black Cherry Spey Fly

Tube: Plastic Tube
Body: Hot Pink Angora Dubbing
Rib: Gold Flat Mylar Tinsel
Hackle: 2 Purple or Cherise Folded Marabou Feather’s, 1 Black Folded Marabou Feather
Flash: Purple Krystal Flash
Collar: Claret Guinea Foul Feather, Folded
Thread: Hot Pink


Poul Jorgensen Salmon Flies – Signed up for bids

I do have a copy of Poul’s book in my library and it was my guide for tying the first ever married salmon fly I tied. Poul passed away back in 2004 and his name is one respected by all salmon tyers. I’m told by many folks I talk to that it was this book that they used as a guide in the early years. Here is a rare opportunity to pick up a piece of fly fishing history. (I am not affiliated with this seller)

Salmon Flies by Poul Jorgensen Signed First  

Poul Jorgensen Signature - Salmon Flies


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