The Upside Dun

This pattern is demonstrated by Alan Bithell out of the UK.  This looks to be a simple pattern to tie, but like many other “simple”patterns, it is much harder than it looks. It is an interesting style of tying, and  first seen flies in this style when Roy Christie sent me a few of his patterns across the pond. There’s no doubt that they work effectively, so give hem a try. One of the aspects of this style that I like is that the hook is hidden from the fish. a downside to this is that the fish has to hit this fly aggressively for a solid take, but not a major issue. It would have a good hook rate once the fish has the fly because of the hook location I think. Off to the vise to do some product research. 🙂


Phallic Phlies

Via Carp on the Fly

It’s up there with some of the odd flies I have seen. From on view, it looks very much like a the clam it is intended to imitate, but from another, it looks quite anatomical in nature. 🙂 In all seriousness, this looks like an interesting fly to target big carp. Hopefully Matt will followup and let us know if it is successful in any capacity. Carp and maybe some catfish might be interested in something along this line.

Clam Fly Tying Fly


New Fly Tying Contest Open – Homage Patterns Contest

It’s time to pay homage to those who have inspired you in the past by tying a pattern in their honor to submit to the latest fly tying contest at Fly Fish Calgary. Remember, you’re not just representing your self, but also the legend behind the fly. No pressure. Some examples – Jack Dennis / Kiwi Muddler, Gary Lafontaine / Deep Sparkle Pupa or John Barr / Copper John. There are tons of great proven flies out there, so pick up your bobbin and mount one in the vise.

Fly Fish Calgary


Keep a hook in your vise

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