Sulphur Spinner Soft Hackle

Here is the latest offering from the guys at Rise Form Studios, episode 22 featuring a sweet looking soft hackle tied up by Eric Stroup. I’ll be honest in saying I don’t fish this stage that often, but Eric’s advise of fishing this in tandem with a dry sounds like a great idea. There is a small creek nearby that has this pattern and a nice heavy CDC caddis written all over it.

Sulpher Spinner fly video

Material List for the Sulphur Spinner Soft Hackle

Hook: Daiichi D1560 #14-18
Thread: Danville Orange 6/0
Tail: Med Dun Hen Feather Fibers
Abdomen: Danville Orange 6/0
Hackle: Med Dun Hen Feather
Thorax: Light Rust Rabbit
Head: Orange or Red Danville 6/0


Battle Creek Special

The Battle Creek Special Fly Pattern

Here is another uniquely Alaska pattern from the gang at Alaska Fly Fishers. It’s said to be a popular pattern meant to act much like the more popular Flesh Fly in that it represents decaying loosened flesh from salmon who have already met their demise. You can also use a standard black Japanned hook to tie up this fly. It’s recommended by guides as a must bring fly along with the usual suspects.

Material List for the Battle Creek Special – Click here for the step by step tutorial

Thread: 6/0 or 3/0 white
Hook: #4-10 3X long streamer
Lead: .025 or .030 Tail: Marabou, white
Body: Chenille, shell pink
Body Hackle: Saddle, white
Collar: Saddle hackle, orange


Fly Tying Lessons

Dave Cammiss from the UK has set-up a vlog to aide in the teaching of the art of fly binding. The videos are well throughout, progressing from a simple black thread buzzer to a more complex Daddy Long Legs or Crane fly pattern. The site appears to be a work in progress and we’ll be sure to update as new lessons become available. You can access the lesson via youtube or off Dave’s vlog located at . So no excuses for not tying your own bugs.

Here is lesson 1 from the series.

Click here if the video does not play.

Tight lines.


Keep a hook in your vise

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