Flatwing Streamers – Frank G. Swarner

I don’t link to forums often, but there are a few gems to be had in terms of tutorials. I’d like to see these forum tutorials put into a more formal article on one of the fly tying magazine sites at some point. At any rate, it’s a great looking pattern with a well written tutorial.

Recipe for the Flatwing Steelhead Fly – Click Here
Hook: Daichii 2451 – size 4 shown
Thread: 6/0
Platform (tail base): White Calf tail/Kip tail
Tail: 1 pink saddle tied over 1 slightly shorter white saddle feather
Dubbing: Ice dubbing – Pearl in dubbing loop
Throat #1: White Calf tail/Kip-tail
Throat #2: White Marabou feather wrapped
Wing: 1 Olive saddle tied over 4 stands of purple Flashabou, over 10 lavender bucktail hairs, over 10 white bucktail hairs

Flatwing Steelhead Streamers by Frank G. Swarner
Flatwing Steelhead Streamers by Frank G. Swarner

Pheasant Tail & Hoglouse

2 for the price of 1. Davie ties up 2 flies on this video, a Pheasant Tail Nymph(PTN) and a nice little scud pattern called the Hoglouse. This version of the PTN isn’t my favorite, but it’s a respectable tie. I like to finish mine off with a few legs underneath and tied at the head. Great flies, thanks for the bonus Davie.


Click here if the video does not play.


Keep a hook in your vise

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