The Darkness

Charlie from Tightlines ties up a new tube he calls the Darkness. I’ve been hearing that black is the new chartreuse for what it worth, black is classic and doesn’t go out of style IMO. Charlie’s black and purple fly looks deadly and would be perfect for steelies, bass and salmon. It’s not too long of a tie and it’s pretty simple if you have wrapped marabou before. Just make sure that you have some thins stems.

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Thunder and Lightning Templedog

It’s always an awesome sight to watch Mr. McPhail tie up a fly, but watching him tie up a templedog is something else. I’ve got a ton of fox tail and Icelandic sheep that would be prime on these flies.

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Albertina Walker

I just discovered this great collection of spey flies tied and photographed by Robert J. Brown. The collection boasts 68 flies in a book styled site. This should keep you spey tyers busy for a bit. Turn you speakers up and enjoy. Р 

Albertina Walker - R J Brown
Albertina Walker - R J Brown

Hook: Daiichi 2052 #1.5, nickel finish, Alek Jackson Spey.
Tag: purple silk floss, only as wide as the hook diameter.
Tail: teal.
Rib: medium flat silver holographic mylar tinsel, bordered on each side with fine silver oval tinsel such that the second silver oval tinsel anchors the hackle.
Body: claret silk floss.
Hackle: natural blue eared pheasant, tied in at the front, by the tip, wound contrary to all the ribs, secured by the third rib, which leads the holographic tinsel.
Collar: teal.
Wing: cerise dyed bronze mallard, tented and low, horizontal style.
Head: claret.

Note: Named after the great gospel singer.


Keep a hook in your vise

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