Danica Emerger Fly tied by William Ensiferum

William ties a really beautiful fly. This emerger is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. The body uses 3 hairs from elk and moose so that there is a color difference in the body. This combination gives the body the look if a stripped peacock quill body. It is reinforced with a coating of UV resin, creating a durable fly body.

The floating portion of the fly is comprised of snowshoe hare feet and deer hair. The fly will float wonderfully while the body dips into the drink. I can’t wait until spring to give this pattern a throw.

Danica Emerger Fly Tying Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu F22 #10
Thread: UTC 70 white
Body: Elk Hair or Moose Mane Hair
Resin: UV Resin
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Thorax and Legs: Snowshoe Hare
Wing: Winter Deer Hair


Youtube Channel: William Ensiferum


DIY Dubbing Box and Custom Blended Dubbs

This is an easy way to put together a custom collection of dubbing and to build an assortment box or dispenser. The dubbing I blend is similar to the Senyo’s Laser Dubbing from Hareline. I use a lot of Laser Dubbing, but I like to be able to build my own custom colors and blend several colors of acrylic yarn with an accent like Ice Dubbing or Angelina Fibers.

Here is the Ebay Store I buy my Angelina Fiber from – http://ebay.to/2G08kt1

You can mix 1 color of yarn with some of the Angelina fibers, or mix multiple colors with multiple colors of Angelina fiber. I like to mix black in with lighter colors for a dirty looking blend.

For the tool, just find a paperclip and use some pliers to straighten the wire and add a tight bend to one end. I added the weight on the other end so I can find it a little easier in my giant messy fly tying room. I’ve also used a bodkin that I heated the tip and bent into a hook.


Yarn – Acrylic, wool or blends
Scissors (not your fly tying scissors
Plastic compartment box (plano)
Drill w/ 1/16 & 3/16 bits
2x pet grooming tools
Angelina fibers or ice dubbing
Paper clip


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