Fly Fishing Snow Day on Brodhead Creek Pennsylvania

It’s winter, but Mike from the Wooly Bugged Youtube Channel doesn’t let that stop him from catching a creel’s worth of hungry bows and browns. Some superb winter fishing with his Squirmy Worm and a custom Hare’s Ear Stone.

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Cone Head Foxy Crystal Bugger

The Conehead Foxy Crystal Bugger is a departure from the original black and olive bugger Russell Blessing first cast many years ago. I use dyed fox tail hair in place of marabou. It maintains most of the action of marabou and adds extra durability for fishing hard-hitting trout and bass.

You can tie this in any of the standard Woolly Bugger colors such as the traditional black & olive, purple, claret, white, Chilli Pepper (brown and orange), browns or any combination. The cone, along with some extra body weight ensures this fly sinks deep and fast, perfect for stillwater or floating down the river.

Throw this fly at trout, bass, anything you think might take a swipe. Buggers have been tied to represent many prey items such as helgramites, minnows, crayfish, stonefly nymphs, amphibians or leeches.

Make sure to share the fly if you tie it on Instagram using #flytyingchallenge30

Cone Head Foxy Crystal Bugger

Hook: 3-4xl Streamer hook Mustad 9672
Bead: 5mm Brass cone
Thread: Olive 6/0 (140 d)
Tail: Olive fox tail hair
Flash: Pearl crystal flash
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Olive Estaz
Hackle: Olive saddle hackle


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2018 Open German Championship in Fly Tying

For all those aspiring tyers who want to test their skills against an international lineup, the 2018 Open German Championship in Fly Tying has been announced. At stakes are bragging rights and the three top participants in each of the 4 categories will receive a certificate, a medal, and they will appear in a German fly-fishing magazine.

The categories for this year are as follows:

1. Dry Fly (required pattern)
Pseudo Spinner (CDC Mayfly) by Barry Ord Clarke as shown here: Pseudo Spinner (Barry Ord Clarke)
Hook: Daiichi or your own choice, in size 12

1a. Dry Fly
Your own pattern, Hook: Daiichi or your own choice
Both dry flies (1 and 1a) will be judged together. If only one fly is submitted in the overall category, the entry will not be judged.

2. Streamer
Hook: Daiichi or your own choice

3. Realistic Fly
Hook: Daiichi or your own choice

You can read the details on submissions here. Good luck, I hope to see your flies in the winners circle.


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