Thompson Spey Intruder

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With the popularity of the two handed rods and spey casting, intruder style flies are becoming more and more popular. The Intruder style of tying offers the fly tyer lots of room for interpretation. The flies are usually sparse along the shank with long flowing hackles used to give the pattern volume. Intruders are tied to represent shrimp, and prawns, so using materials with long flowing hackle helps to trigger the feeding instincts of Steelhead returning from the salt. Some materials that are commonly used in the construction of the Intruder are Rhea, Guinea Fowl, Ostrich, Lady Amherst tail, Polar Bear, polar chenille, marabou, schlappen, dyed white peacock and Blue Eared Pheasant.  

Phil Rowley has put together a nice tutorial based on a pattern from BC’s Scott Baker-McGarva. Phil offers an informative look at the construction and history of the Intruders. He also dives into some deeper detail on some of the materials used for tying these spey flies.

Thompson Style Intruder


Selene Dumaine – Lady Miller

Merry Christmas Tyers!  

For fans of the Rangley streamers this is a treat. Selene is known for her reproductions of Carrie Steven’s flies and creations of her own. Like Carrie, Selene ties without a vise. The video demonstrates the skills involved in tying these classic flies.


12 Drum Fly Dressings

This was one of the hardest days to find fitting flies, why didn’t they just stick to birds the whole way through? lol Luckily I tracked down this incredible collection of Drum Fly Recipes created by Sandy Irvine–Lord Alexander Irvine, Laird of Drum Castle and Drum Estate in the 1930’s. Thanks to Ronn Lucas for resurrecting the Salmon Flyer and the bakers dozen Drum fly recipes.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Ghillie tied for me
12 Drum Fly dressings
11 Zonkers zonking
10 Frogs a leaping
9 Golden Girls
8 Royal Wulff’s
7 Baron’s Swinging
6 Evil Weevils
5 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
4 Baby Buggers
3 PEI Flies,
2 Blae and Black
And a soft hackle Partridge and Orange

Click here for all the Drum Fly dressings

Tag: Oval gold and yellow floss
Tail: Topping and Indian crow
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: 1/2 black floss, 1/2 flat gold with rib oval gold
Hackle: Orange over flat gold
Throat: Vulturine guinea fowl
Wings: Mallard, strip of barred summer duck, sides jungle cock, cheeks Indian crow, topping over all
Head: Orange

If someone ties up one or any of these flies, send a pic my way and I’ll put it up on the blog. Well, there you have it, my fly tyer’s 12 days of Christmas. I hope that you enjoyed it, as it was interesting coming up with the ideas. If you have any ideas for next year, shoot me a message.


Keep a hook in your vise

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