S3 E2 How To Wade Fish for Bonefish by RIO Products

S3 E2 How To Wade Fish for Bonefish

This episode of RIO’s “How To” series takes you to the magnificent flats of Cuba, with Simon Gawesworth. In this film, “How To Wade Fish For Bonefish”, Simon offers numerous great tips for wade fishing a flat. Though the majority of anglers fish for bonefish out of a flats boat, there are frequent times when an angler needs to get out of the boat to wade a flat. Some anglers prefer the hunter/stalker element of wade fishing, while many anglers simply don’t want to go out in a boat, and prefer to do their own thing.

Whatever the reason, if you are going to wade a flat for bonefish (or redfish), this film will make sure you are prepared to slip on your wading shoes and enjoy and maximize, your time on the water.

RIO’s “How To” videos are a series of short films that explain all you need to know to learn a particular way to fish or cast. Where applicable, each film talks through the gear that you need shows how to rig the gear, how to read the water, and how to fish that particular technique. These educational films are packed with information and top tips designed to improve the knowledge and skill level of all fly fishers. Each one is bought to you by a RIO employee or a RIO brand ambassador.

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The Menamerger MAYFLY Emerger by Fly Fish Food

Brandon Mena ties up one of his favorite mayfly emergers using some new Trouthunter dubbing. Materials here: https://ift.tt/2B7xlSj

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