Kayak Fishing the Medina River – McFly Angler Episode 73 by McFly Angler

Kayak Fishing the Medina River – McFly Angler Episode 73
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The Medina river was filled with fish, beautiful, and had amazing structure. It had the makings of what could have been an amazing day fishing! And I know we would have caught tons of fish if the water temps weren’t so low. We had a cold front come in 2 days prior and stayed for the weekend, so there was not much chance of that water being warm enough to get the bass to strike. They just were not interested at all. But we saw lots of fish. In fact I was very surprised at how many fish we could see. Catfish, bass, carp, panfish, and shad. All of which were schooling thick, but none would eat. In a way it was a frustrating day, just watching fish not pay attention to your fly, and some scattering at the slightest kerplunk of the fly hitting the water. However we did get a few, and had a nice time just kayaking around. It really is a beautiful river, and very enjoyable to kayak. I will be returning to try my hand at the Medina once again.

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Super Jerk by flyfishingtheozarks

Super Jerk (Gunnar Brammer)

Super Jerk Fly Pattern Recipe:
Rear Hook – Gamakatsu B10s 1/0 https://ift.tt/2Qlfa6A
Tail – Bucktail https://ift.tt/2tCLya4
Body – EP Craft Fur Brush https://amzn.to/2Tq1iYw
Wing – Craft Fur https://ift.tt/2Ax8F5F
Front Hook – Gamakatsu B10s 2/0
Body – EP Craft Fur Brush & EP Sparkle Brush
Wing – Craft Fur https://ift.tt/2Ax8F5F
Head – Laser Dub https://ift.tt/2AzFrmQ
Eyes – Dead Meat Customs https://ift.tt/2RBSmg5

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