Silicone Legs

Silicone Legs, Silicone Skirt or Sili Legs, Crazy Legs
Silicone Legs, Silicone Skirt, Sili Legs or Crazy Legs

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Silicone Legs / Silicone Skirt / Crazy Legs / Sili Legs

Silicone legs are created from silicone and may be mixed with glitter, patterned with coloured silicone or printed designs. They may be called a number of things including Sili Legs, Crazy Legs, Silicone Tabs or Silicone Skirts. A big advantage over rubber and latex lags is that the silicone will not break down quickly when exposed to UV light, and will remain supple for years. A big complaint with rubber legs is that they become brittle within a short time. The Silicone legs are produced in in tabs, which are specifically designed for use on Bass lures, but the format lends itself incredibly well to fly tying.

The legs typically come in lengths of just over 5 inches and have 21 (give or take) strips per tab. The tabs are typically sold in packages of 5, giving the tyer just over 100 legs to tie with, some sellers on eBay and Amazon offer the tabs in packs of 10 or 25. The color combinations are endless with popular choices being legs with hot colored tips, barred, solid color, micro glitter fleck, fish scale, blood spot and mottled designs. There are literally hundreds of different combinations available.

The legs are great for saltwater shrimp, saltwater crabs, bass flies, collars for steelhead and trout flies, body wrap for chironomids, legs on dry flies and nymphs. It is a versatile material, and with the diversity or design and color available, it should be a part of every fly tyer’s arsenal.

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