Enrico Puglisi Fibers (EP Fibers)

Golden Olive Minnow EP Fibers Original
Golden Olive Minnow EP Fibers Original

Enrico Puglisi fibers or EP Fibers as they are commonly know, are a semi translucent synthetic hair that is quite useful in a number of fly tying applications. The fibers come in 52 colors for the range of original EP Fibers (there are several different lines available) and are packaged in are 10″ lengths. The movement of the fibers themselves lays somewhere between marabou and bucktail. Enrico developed the fibers with saltwater fishing in mind, so many of the patterns that have been developed using the EP Fibers have saltwater targets in mind. The fibers can be blended together to get a matrix of color, or they can be stacked and brushed together. This is especially useful when trying to tie imitations of bait fish. With the range of 52 colors available, it is easy imitate a wide variety of prey species, with saltwater and freshwater.

The 10″ package also allows the tyer to create larger flies than most natural materials allow for, and because the fibers don’t absorb water, these larger fly patterns shed water easily with a false cast so that you don’t feel like you are swinging around a wet sweat sock.

EP Fibers come in a huge range of over 50 colors including white, Emerald Green, Deep Green, Sunrise, Light Olive, Olive, Pink, Dark Olive, Hot Pink, Bronze, Minnow, Golden Olive, Yellow Chartreuse, Grey, Golden, Golden Olive Minnow, Red, Polar White, Orange, Rust, Light Yellow, Lime, Gold, Ocean Grey, Pale Olive Minnow, Green Chartreuse, Sand, Sage, Salmon Pink, Turquoise, Steel Blue, Sky Blue, Spearmint Green, Sulphur, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Lavender, Yellow, Purple, Silver Grey, Black, Bucktail White, Beige, Tan, Brown and Dark Brown.

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