Bird Fur

Whiting Farms Bird Fur
Whiting Farms Bird Fur

Whiting Bird Fur

Whiting Farms Bird Fur

It kinda looks like fur, but it’s really a feather. This new line was introduced by Whiting Farms in 2006 as part of their spey hackle products. It took Whiting nine year to bring the Spey line to production and the packaged Bird Fur comes from the low graded feathers from the spey hackle line. While there may be some feathers on each pelt useful for spey flies, the majority are not. The feathers have an interesting structure and display two distinct types of feather fibres. The tips of the feathers are thin and wispy, what you would expect to find in the Spey line. Feathers that are nearer to the bottom of the pelt with have longer thinner profiles while those near the top will be shorter and fluffier. The lower sections of the feather more resembles marabou and so it’s applications mimic. The feathers are ideal for being tied on leeches, buggers and other fluffy streamers. You can easily combine a few different colors to create a mottled look. The Bird Fur is packaged in half pelts and comes is a wide variety of colors.

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