Fly Tying Feathers and Plumage

Fly Tying Feathers & Plumage

Feathers are an essential part to many of the flies that comes off of our vises. From the most commonly used turkey marabou feathers to the rare and exotic Indian crow, feather have always been essential. Feathers like marabou can be used for tails on streamers while still fibres from dry fly hackle can be used for the same on light dry fly patterns such as an Adams. Feathers can be used whole, wrapped, chopped up for dubbing, stripped down to the quill, bleached , burned and dyed in order to get the desired effect.

Bird Fur
Golden Pheasant (whole)
Golden Pheasant Crest
Golden Pheasant Tippet
Mallard flank
Mallard Bronze
Mallard wing
Neck hackle – strung
Ringneck Pheasant (whole)
Ringneck Pheasant Rump
Saddle hackle – strung
Silver Pheasant (whole)
Turkey Biot
Turkey Marabou

Keep a hook in your vise

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