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Why? by Kirby Coderre

In the tradition of Cowboy Poetry, Coderre manages to put the reasons, motivations, and emotions behind the question into an introspective piece of poetry. Why?

Why? by Kirby Coderre

Understand what Fly Fishing is.
Fly Fishing is 4:30 AM wakeups
It’s Tying knots with frozen fingers while standing hip deep in freezing water
Fly Fishing is casting into gale force winds
It’s risking falls
And hours at the vice envisioning a day on the water.
Fly fishing is Braving the weather
And hiking for miles to that “magic spot”
Fly fishing is anticipation and frustration.
So why do we love it?
What drives us to such lengths?
Does it keep us sane?
Give us solace?
Does it feed our soul?
Does it give us an appreciation for resources at risk?
Or a past that is only a hint of memory?
Does it connect us with nature, ourselves and each other?
Or is it that each cast gives us a new opportunity for hope
and a story to share?
Find your water…

-Kirby Coderre


Youtube Channel: Mid-Life Flysis
Youtube Video: Why?


Your Next Fishing Boat is a FlyBoard

Just wanted to share this clip of a new prototype “Flyboard”. While the flight looks like a lot of fun, I can’t help but think that I’ve love to use it to scout fish, and cast a line from high up in the sky. At a top speed of 150km/hr (just under 100mi/hr), you should be able to cover a lot of distance, but with only about 10 minutes of flight time available, you’ll need to do it quickly. Looks like a fun.

ZR:Flyboard® Pro Series


A Dry fly Story – Freestyle Fish

A little break from the vise to enjoy the spoils of our passions. A quick entertaining video with some awesome browns included.

A dry fly story from Freestyle fish on Vimeo.


Via Flymage