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Copper Bunny Streamer by Bozeman Creative

The Copper Bunny streamer looks like a promising pattern for fishing trout rivers and pike lakes. This meaty streamer will ride hook up and the weighted eyes and body will help the fly descend to the feeding depths in short order. The pattern should be easy enough to switch up the colors to create a range of lures for different situations. White, olives, all black, and combinations should cover the bases.

Copper Bunny Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Thread: GSP 100 Veevus – Black
Hook: Firehole Stick 839 – size 4
Weight: .025 Lead or Lead-Free Wire
Eyes: Large Double Pupil Brass Eyes
Tail: Magnum Bunny Strip – Black
Under Tail: Ripple Ice Fiber – Orange
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Crusty Nail/Flame
Legs: Sili Legs Crome – Copper/Black


Youtube: Bozeman Creative


Purple Steelhead Matuka by Piscator Flies

The Steelhead Matuka is an adaptation of the New Zealand method of Matuka flies. The traditional Matukas use feathers for the wing, but the steelhead version uses a rabbit strip. While the pattern has been developed as a “steelhead” fly, I think it will make a great fly to use in pursuit of other trout, salmon, pike, and bass.

Steelhead Matuka Fly Recipe

Hook: #1/0 Superfly Salmon hook HKSHW
Thread: 6/0 black
Rib: Black Brassie wire
Body: Purple and black Laser Dubbing
Wing: Rabbit zonker
Collar: Purple schlappen


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Emerald Shanker by Kevin Hospodar

Kevin’s Emerald Shanker is a perfect little fly to swing through a pool of great lakes steelhead. The black and chartreuse color combination is a personal favorite for fishing tributaries of Lake Ontario. It’s a simple pattern and easy to modify to suit your needs.

Kevin ties this pattern in a few different variations including versions with weighted barbell eyes and an added grizzly hackle in the wing. I can’t wait to swing this one.

Emerald Shanker fly pattern recipe

Shank: 25mm Waddington shank w/ 20lb wire
Thread: 6/0 black
Leash: Firewire
Hook: Partridge z4 Intruder Hook #4
Body: Gold braid (Krenik)
Wing: Chartreuse and black fox
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black


Youtube Channel: Kevin Hospodar
Video Link: Suskwa Poacher
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