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The White Shrimp from Hedron Fly Tying

I love the look of this white shrimp with it’s the minimal hint of pink added to the rear. The fly uses Spey hackles for the body and nice buggy dubbing. I’d like to try out this fly pattern in a couple shades of pink and orange for the west coast steelhead. The fly has a wonderful profile when wet and is a relatively simple pattern to tie.


Youtube Channel: Hedroninc
Website: Hedron Inc


Foxy Shrimp tied by Nick Davis of 239 Flies

When Nick ran into oldtimer Marsh Demott and was told about this fishcatcher, he paid attention. He took the original pattern and made a couple minor adjustments. The Foxy Shrimp, as the name implies is a fox hair based shrimp. The pattern takes advantage of both a section of dubbing loop and a wire brush. The video also gives you a good overview of some of the newer Loon tying tools. The bright yellow should stand out on a messy desk and allow you to quickly find your tools. Hope to see the Loon Nit Picker added to the line-up soon.

If you want a kit with everything you need to tie this pattern, you can find it here on Nick’s site.

Foxy Shrimp Fly Pattern recipe

Hook: Daiichi 2546 #2
Thread: 210 FWN (Yellow)
Tail: Natural bucktail
Flash: Gold crystal flash
Eyes: Crustacean Eyes
Body: Arctic fox and EP 1.5″ Foxy Brush
Weed Guard: 40lb mono


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Youtube Video: Mega Prince fly tying video
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HMG Scud by HMGFlySystems

The HMG Scud is one of the best scud patterns I’ve seen in a while. I love fishing still waters with scud patterns, especially in the early spring and fall. I’ve collected plenty of scuds from lakes to study, and the look of this scud looks quite realistic without too much fuss. The HMG Scud uses white and clear materials with the marker giving the fly color. The glue is applied with what looks like a wood burning tip dipped in a hot glue stick. You’ll need a steady hand in order to apply the glue, and I’m sure that you might need a few flies to practice with before you get one that doesn’t get singed. Segmentation for the scud is achieved by simply pressing mono line into the back, but not so hard as it goes through the glue. The eyes look great on the fly and really tie the pattern together.

HMG Scud Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Scud #12-18 Tiemco 2457
Thread: 6/0 White
Antennae: Pearl crystal flash
Legs: Long white synthetic dubbing colored with copic pen
Shellback: Hot melt glue hi-temp
Eyes: Black fabric paint

Be sure to check out this and other videos on HMGFlySystems’s Youtube page and subscribe for more videos.