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Blane Chocklett Head Pike tube fly by Flytying.EU

This big (very understated) Blane Chocklett Head Pike tube fly is a creation by Daniel Holm from If you have never fly fished for pike or musky, you are missing an exciting species to chase on the fly. Daniel’s pike fly is basically a collar of material nestled in between 2 cones created from the body tubing. The cones are wonderful as the rear cone helps to flare out the materials while the front cone protects the material tie in pints from sharp predator teeth. The fly uses gutted coloured Flashabou Magnum, and new product with some interesting flat and barred colors. While the fly looks quite large, there is actually not too much material tied onto the tube, as the cones and revert tying of the hair give it the illusion of volume. The technique would work well for steelhead flies like intruders where again, volume without weight is desired.

Blane Chocklett Head Pike tube fly pattern recipe

Tube: Large tube 3″
Thread: White GSP or 210 denier
Butt cone: Blane Chocklett Body Tubing
Middle section: Reverse tied bucktail, Big Fly Fiber, matted gold and grizzly grey Flashabou magnum, reverse tied Icelandic sheep hair, saddle hackle
Head cone: Blane Chocklett Body Tubing
Eyes: Epoxy and 3D moulded eyes

You can subscribe to Fly Tying EU on Youtube and visit FlyTying.EU for more info on the pattern and materials to tie a few up.


Wrap It Up. Durex Pike Streamer

I was contacted this morning by Mr. Simon Graham who runs the Pike Fly Fishing blog ( with an unusual looking concoction from his vise.

” if local fisherman in Papua New Guinea could catch tuna with condoms then how hard could it be to fool a pike into taking one..”

You’ll need to take a look at the step by step tutorial on how to tie this one. Before you run out to grab a box of this material, you may want to wait to hear back on the effectiveness as the fly has yet to be tested.

durex pike streamer 002 resize
Step 1 of the Durex condom Pike streamer

This does bring to mind a tying seminar I took a few years ago hosted by Jack Dennis. We were discussing the ins and outs (intended) of Czech nymphing and how one angler had developed a killer fly using pink condoms wrapped over tungsten. I’ll be watching to see how the Durex preforms on the Nordic Pike, and if it works well, the eruption of new patterns to follow. 😉


Ballydoonah Bomber Pike Fly

It’s been a while since I last strapped on a chicken sized fly in pursuit of a Snot Rocket. I’ve been following Simon Graham’s blog [] reading about the flies and techniques use the hunt them down. He’s just posted a step by step tutorial on how to tie up the oddly named Ballydoonah Bomber. The fly is designed by an Irish tyer, Alan Hanna and the end of the article includes some great video highlighting his flies and the movement that they exhibit in the water. Check it out.

Ballydoonah Bomber Pike Fly
Ballydoonah Bomber Pike Fly