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Cluster Maggot or Maggot Cluster?

The Cluster Maggot is a dream find for any hungry trout, panfish or carp on the hunt. It’s likely that one of the first baits you used as a kid was a maggot on a hook, so you know how effective the off-white morsels are for catching. Now multiply this into a larger snack pack of a dozen maggots and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

The fly is tied in a similar manner as the Crystal Meth steelhead fly and finished like the San Juan Worm with a softly touched flame to the tips of each strand of chenille. If you do choose to target carp, I recommend using a heavier nymph hook for the fly.

Cluster maggot Fly Pattern recipe

Hook: Firehole 419 #12-16 (or another dry fly hook)
Thread: Buttercup 6/0 (70d) (white or cream thread)
Body: White or cream Ultra chenille
Accent: Ice Dubbing Pearl UV (Golden Brown)

Cluster Maggot fly pattern
Cluster Maggot fly pattern


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Shea Gunkel’s Splatte Roller tied by Bob Reece

This small caddis nymph pattern was developed by Shea Gunkel and tied in the video by Bob Reece. The Splatte Roller is pretty straight forward as far as the tying goes, but this tiny fly packs a lot of punch for fishing deeper pools on small water runs. You may run into a bit of difficulty when applying the top coat of epoxy to the fly. Just be sure to go slow and try not to get it into the thorax dubbing and legs. If you are tying quite a few, you may want to tie the fly in stages and apply epoxy or UV resin to the abdomen first before tying in the legs and thorax. Either way, the epoxied fly is near bullet-proof and should last quite a number of fish. You can add a little bit of lead wire behind the bead if you find more weight is needed.

Shea Gunkel’s Splatte Roller fly pattern recipe

Hook: Umpqua JB01 #12-18
Bead: Black Tungsten
Thread: 70 denier (8/0) chartreuse (abdomen) black (thorax)
Ribbing: Black small wire (UTC)
Legs: 24 strands Wapsi Fluoro Fiber
Thorax: Peacock Black Ice Dubbing
Topcoat: Epoxy


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Royal Coachman – InTheRiffle

Thinking back many years to one of the first lessons I ever took on the subject of fly tying, the Royal Coachman was likely the 3rd or 4th fly pattern I had ever tied. It’s a classic by all standards, and a suitable model of homing the skills of tying Catskill dry flies. The shimmering green peacock body interrupted by the regal strip of red is some often ported to other patterns in hopes of stumbling on the next great fish getter. The pattern has stood the crippling tests of time and still remains a staple in many flyboxes in pursuit of trout, grayling and panfish. For more information and material sources check out

Via: In The Riffle on Youtube

Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 100
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Body: Peacock herl
Tag: Red UNI-Floss
Hackle: Coachman brown dry fly hackle (neck or saddle)
Wing: White goose shoulder strip
Head: Black

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