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Troll Fly by Catch Cam Nets

Finally a good use for those annoying Trolls I keep stepping on in the middle of the night. The Troll Fly is a sweet little baitfish pattern and as seen in the video, works great for redfish. For that matter, I would also be looking to throw this fly at pike and bass. If you don’t have any of the dolls at hand, a patch of craft fur will do great in its place.

Troll Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: #2-3/0 Saltwater hook
Thread: White 210 denier
Tail: Flash blend synthetic hair alternate colors white and grey
Body: Pearl Angel Hair
Wing: Blue Troll hair (Craft Fur)
Throat: Pearl crystal flash
Eye: 3d molded eyes (match to hook size)
Head: UV Resin


Youtube Channel : Catch Cam Nets
Video: Troll Fly


Ripple Ice Minnow by Hans Stephenson

Ripple Ice Fiber is fast becoming a favorite material for seasoned fly tyers. The ripple in the flash removes some of the artificial looks that synthetic materials can have. This imparts a more natural look on the finished fly. Hans’ Ripple Ice Minnow is the perfect testing ground for the new flash.

Hans ties this pattern by tying a series of clumps onto the hook and trimming the fly to its final shape. The range of colors allows you to create a broad selection of baitfish.

This pattern is going to be a killer for bass and pike this summer. I can’t wait to get a few of these Ripple Ice Minnows tied up for the fly box.

Ripple Ice Minnow Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Arex Trout Predator #4 (superglue base)
Thread: GSP white
Flash: Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Tail: Barred rabbit zonker and wood duck barred marabou
Gills: Red Polar reflector flash
Belly: Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Back: Copper Ripple Ice Fiber
Eye: Fire Living Eyes


Youtube Channel: Dakota Angler & Outfitter
Youtube Video: Ripple Ice Minnow


Clouser Deep Minnow tied by Ryan Gabert

The Clouser Deep Minnow is a staple fly pattern for any number of fish species. The fly has be tied any number of ways, but Ryan takes us back (almost) to the most famous version that Bob Clouser himself has tied for countless onlookers. Ryan ties the Clouser with a little twist, using the new Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber in place of the standard pearl crystal flash. This version is a nice fit for either a bass box or pike box. The wide gape Gamakatsu B10S hooks are great to work with, and they can take on quite a lot of abuse.

The fly shouldn’t be tied with too much buck tail so that light can pass through the wing/tail. Also, as Ryan demonstrates, the durability should be a priority, especially the exposed thread wraps on the back of the fly. A coat of cement, or even a thin UV resin should help extend the life of the fly. I have several Clousers in my pike box that have caught quite a few pike, walleye and bass. Even with those catches under their belts, the flies still have a lot of life left in them.

And before I forget, Happy New Year! Here is hoping that your vise gets a ton of action this year, and that the flies you whip up bring you a whole slew of fishing memories.

Clouser Deep Minnow fly pattern recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S
Thread: 210 Denier Ultra thread
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Tail: White Bucktail
Flash: Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber UV Pearl
Wing: Chartreuse Bucktail
Head: Thread


Youtube Channel: Hans Stephenson
Youtube Video: Clouser Minnow fly pattern
Instagram: dakotaflyangler