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Bubble Wing Caenis tied by Davie McPhail

This little CDC Bubble Wing Caenis tied by Davie is a magical little dry/emerger fly pattern. The bubble wing is constructed with loops of CDC and this pattern will really float high. The Canis is tied using high contrasting white and natural gray CDC which should help keep it visible in a variety of lighting conditions. This style looks promising, and I’ll be tying a few versions for this week’s trout opener.

Bubble Wing Caenis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Fulling Mill All-Purpose Medium size 16
Thread: White Giorgio Beneccchi
Tail: Light Speckled Coq de Leon Fibres
Body: White CDC Feather
Wing: Two Natural Grey CDC Feathers
Thorax: White CDC Dubbing


Youtube Channel: Davie McPhail
Youtube Video: Bubble Wing Caenis Fly pattern


Simi Seal Baetis by Tim at Tacky Fly Fishing

Tim ties a killer little glass bead Simi Seal Baetis fly pattern. As the name suggests, this fly uses the Simi Seal dubbing as the primary material on the fly. The pattern is pretty simple and well suited for tying into some smaller sizes. A nice property of the Simi Seal dubbing is how buggy it becomes with a little use, or a light brush out.

Simi Seal Baetis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Scud hook #14-#20
Thread: 8/0 black or any
Bead: Blue pearl or dark color glass bead
Tail: Pheasant tail
Body: Simi Seal (brown)
Flashback: #10 pearl mylar coated with UV resin or epoxy
Thorax: Tan UV ice dubbing


Youtube Channel: Tackyflyfishing
Video Link: Simi Seal Baetis


Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle by Fly Fish Food

I love fishing soft hackles in the spring and this Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle is a perfect fit. Once the season opens up and the creeks are running near normal, a soft hackle fly can really get the attention of fresh hungry trout. Soft hackles can be fished in a variety of ways and are a versatile addition to the trout cache. You can use the soft hackle as a dropper fly off of bigger dry flies, fish it in the surface film to mimic an emerger, or sink the fly and fish it as a nymph.

The materials are simple and the fly is a quick tie. The video goes through some of the nuances of the materials used with this BWO pattern. Starling can be a little tricky for the uninitiated but with a little practice and perseverance, it may be mastered quickly.

Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Fulling Mill 35050 Ultimate Dry Fly Hook Barbless – 16
Thread: 8/0 UNI Olive Dun
Body: Ringneck Pheasant Center Tails Olive
Hackle: Starling
Ribbing: UTC Ultra Wire olive small
Thorax: Fine Natural Dubbing Baetis


Youtube Channel: Fly Fish Food
Youtube Video: BWO Soft Hackle
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Instagram: flyfishfood