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DIY Dubbing Brush and Magnet Tool by Ken Tanaka

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish presents a short but useful tutorial on creating a simple DIY dubbing brush and magnet tool. You can find everything you need either at the dollar store or the craft store. Materials that you will need are velcro, magnet tape (if you have a stronger neodymium, use it), popsicle stick, sand paper, glue and cutting tools. The magnet tape can be on the weak side, but there are a number of inexpensive magnets available on Ebay or Amazon that will really help out on the fly tying desk.

A friend of mine made a set of dubbing brush tools as part of a fly swap years ago, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of them over the years. They didn’t have the magnet component, but it would be quite useful as I employ magnets on my tying desk in a variety of different ways.


Youtube Channel: Wish4Fish
Video Link: W4F – Fly Tying “DiY Dubbing Brush and Magnet Tool”
Instagram: wish4fish
Twitter: @wish4fishTV
Facebook: wish4fish


Apex Predator Bobbin Kickstarter Project

There is an exciting new bobbin (holder) design making waves on social media this week. The yet to be released Apex Predator Bobbin is a design by Sweedish angler and fly tyer Ilias Karanzas. Ilias and his wife Molly hail from a small village on the west coast of Sweden. Aided by the quick prototyping ability of 3D printing, the design has progressed quite quickly, and they will soon be ready production of the slick hi-tech fly tying tools. The bobbins will feature a striking carbon fibre frame, anodized aluminium components and adjustable ceramic thread tubes. The bobbin has adjustable tension looks like a comfortable fit for the avid tyer.

Apex Predator Bobbin Holder
Apex Predator Bobbin Holder

In order to get the bobbin into production, Ilias has set-up a Apex Predator Bobbin Kickstarter page to gage interest in the product, and supporters will be first in line to get their hands on these new tying tools. Supporters who back the project with a pledge of SEK500 about $55US or $75CA will get a bobbin. 1,800 SEK will get you a set of 4. There are backer plans for retailers as well. We would love to see these on sale at our local shops in a few months. So far the project has gotten a huge vote of confidence with the 32 days left to go and just over 30,000SEK remaining on the goal of raising 140,000SEK ($15,316US).

The delivery date is slated for March 2017, and I for one can’t wait to have them sitting beside my vise.

The Apex Predator Bobbin will be available in 4 different colours; Pumpkin Spice (orange), Swedish Blue (purple), Esox (lime green) and Stealth (black).


Kickstarter: Apex Predator Bobbin
Facebook: Karanzas Fly Co
Global Fly Fisher: The Coolest Bobbin Holder


A Brief History of Regal Vise

ClassicFlyTyer Alec Stansell has put together a video on the history of the Regal Vise line through the years. One of my first vises was a Regal, well actually a Regal copy, but it was solid and simple to use. My next vise will be a Regal, but they come with a steep price tag, and I’m going to have have to sell a few Woolly Buggers to get my hands on one.

The line-up starts with Regal’s patent vise circa 1980. It is an oak bodied vise with an intricate c-clamp. It is really an interesting and I’m sure hard to find, vise. The collection runs through to the Regal Revolution and also includes some after market products.

Today’s line-up of vises includes four models which include the Inex, Travel, Medallion and Revolution, with options for various bases, clamps and jaws. The flagship vise, the Revolution, is also now available in 4 custom colored versions (Ultra Violet, Pitch Purple, Royal Blue and Rustic Pine) and an accompanying tool bar can also be bought to complete the package.

Alec has a great collection of vises and it is a real pleasure to have a look.

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