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DDH Leech (Diamond Dub Holographic)

The first time I tried out this minnow / leech pattern (I’ve never seen a leech with eyes so big ) I ended up losing 5 of them to hungry pike. This is a pattern designed by Manitoba’s Stu Thompson and I’ve found it to be quite effective for hunting pike. Next up for this pattern will be bass, I don’t think that they will pass up this hybrid minneech, or is that lennow? Diamond Dubbing is pretty nice stuff to work with and I’ve found it useful on a number of flies including several nymphs and dries.

Here is an article Phil Rowley did up of the fly a while back and a new video that just appeared on You-tube earlier this week.

The DDH (Diamond Dub Holographic) Leech Created by Stu Thompson – Article by Phil Rowley



Epoxy Tips from Ian Collin James

Ian Collin James may have inhaled a few too many epoxy fumes, and so I guess he’s qualified to spread a bit of advise about the subject. If you ever have the chance to take one of his seminars, I highly recommend it. Anyway, he’s put together a nice list of tips for working with the epoxy. Take a look around his site as well, and have a read of some of his other material. At the very least, it will brighten your day, and you may pick up a thing or two.