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Troll Fly by Catch Cam Nets

Finally a good use for those annoying Trolls I keep stepping on in the middle of the night. The Troll Fly is a sweet little baitfish pattern and as seen in the video, works great for redfish. For that matter, I would also be looking to throw this fly at pike and bass. If you don’t have any of the dolls at hand, a patch of craft fur will do great in its place.

Troll Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: #2-3/0 Saltwater hook
Thread: White 210 denier
Tail: Flash blend synthetic hair alternate colors white and grey
Body: Pearl Angel Hair
Wing: Blue Troll hair (Craft Fur)
Throat: Pearl crystal flash
Eye: 3d molded eyes (match to hook size)
Head: UV Resin


Youtube Channel : Catch Cam Nets
Video: Troll Fly


The Brook Of Life – Newfoundland Brook Trout

I stumbled on this video this morning and had to share it. Over 15 minute of some beautiful small creek brookies crowding the camera. Dennis Smeaton shot the clips on his Go-Pro, and I can’t wait to wet a line now. Well worth checking out today.


Bass on the fly with Austen Goldsmith

This just looks like so much fun. This video has both fly tying and fishing, it’s a wonderful mix. The flies tied in the video are high speed and use UV resins on the heads. Simple flies and lots of action.

Fly fishing for Bass with Austen Goldsmith from Video Art Productions on Vimeo.