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Henry Hoffman – Fly Tying Legend

Henry Hoffman has spent a lifetime in pursuit of perfecting hackle. One only needs to look at the evolution of rooster hackle to see just how much things have evolved. On a recent visit to a hackle producer’s farm, I was shown some #1 neck hackles from the 60’s that made today’s #4 pro grades look like exceptional stuff. In a very few years, the genetics have been developed to the point where a single neck can tie flies anywhere from a size #32 midge up to size 2/0 streamers. We in part have Hoffman, Darby and other pioneers in the field to thanks for the quality we have today.

This article in the Daily Astorian is a nice piece on Henry’s path and highlights his career.  It’s an interesting article for any tyer.

Henry Hoffman - Fly Tying Legend


Bud Guidry – Master of Feathers and Silk

Bud has a fantastic sense of tying spectacular freestyle Salmon flies. He hasn’t been tying all that long, just a few years, but he ties flies like he was born with a vise in hand. John over at has put up a page of Bud’s flies and the collection includes over 75 pieces of his work. I’m really stoked by Buds flies and I’m sharing this because I find inspiration in his work. Click here for Bud’s flies.

Bud Guidry’s Dana