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Little Black Stonefly

Little black stoneflies are a perfect late winter early spring dry fly. This video shows Hans Stephenson using a great technique for creating a really impressionistic wing. I have a couple tied up already for the upcoming season. I’ve tied them small, 18 and 20 to match the size of the little stones. I might be able to get away with 16 as well. The black CDC is nice and buggy. I would personally keep the CDC a bit longer and trim it streamside if necessary. The look if the fly with the untrimmed CDC looks awesome.


Hans and the CDC and ELK

Ya, it’s a staple in my boxes. Hans Weilenmann invented the pattern, so it was great to see him twist one up. I tie this up on light scud hooks now and in a couple different colours. Years past it has been my number one producing fly, but it’s been letting me down a bit this year. Too much rain is leaving me with cloudy and high waters…. The nymphs have been shining as of late.


Petitjean Parachute Fly

He is one more from the Magic Tool dvd demo. This is a creative method for tying a parachute fly using CDC. There are some excellent tips in here for using the magic tool and tying with multi material dubbing loops.

Click here if the video does not play