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Trout Vision & Refraction | Ozzie Ozefovich by The New Fly Fisher

Trout Vision & Refraction | Ozzie Ozefovich
In this very special video, friend, passionate conservationist and renowned trout educator “Oz” Ozzie Ozefovich details how trout see the world underwater and above. This very detailed video, the first of three, discusses trout vision and refraction. Critical information all anglers should understand to progress your knowledge of trout and their environment. Enjoy!

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Rainbow Warrior – A great attractor fly pattern – McFly Angler

Rainbow Warrior – A great attractor fly pattern – McFly Angler fly tying tutorials
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This fly was originally created by Lance Egan, and is one of the best attractor patterns Ive ever fished. It’s flashy, bright, and effective. I love fishing this as my lead fly, then drop to something a bit more realistic behind it. My favorite flies to drop behind this are the RS2, Pheasant tail, or black beauty. All of which can mimic midge or Baetis pupa and emergers quite well.

So this fly can also be tied with a glass bead, and I believe originally it was created this way. However, I like using brass beads here because it gives the fly a bit more weight, and I really like using this as my lead fly, to help other flies sink better. The flashiness of this fly really helps attract trout up to it, but many times I find they will strike the tailing fly instead of the rainbow warrior. This does not mean its not effective, just the opposite. It is very effective to get the fish moving out of their hole, to come to take a look, but they elect to strike the less visible, and more realistic fly trailing it once they are close.

As always I am listing all the materials used on this fly, and linking to the best deals I can find online for them. All the links are to “the fly artist” as I have negotiated a discount for all of my subscribers. Type in McFly10 at checkout for your discount!

Hook I used: Firehole sticks #317 in size 18 –
Alternative Hook: Daiichi 1120 –
Thread: Veevus 10/0 in Red –
Tail: Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers –
Abdomen/wingcase: Large sized Pearl Tinsel –
Dubbing: Tan Laser Dubbing –
Head Cement: Hard as Hull Original –

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