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Skidmark Streamer Fly | Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing by Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing by Walter Wiese

Skidmark Streamer Fly | Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing

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The Skidmark is simply a cool little Zonker-style streamer I saw on Facebook and said, “That will fish.” I couldn’t find any further info on it, so I whipped one up to disseminate the pattern more widely.

Full recipe and fishing tips at Walter’s blog at

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Tying the Glam Rocker Fly Pattern – Ep180 PF #PiscatorFlies

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This little jig is a heavily weighted nymph pattern created by John Newbury. It features a nicely segmented body built with contrasting wire and a quick sinking tungsten bead head. The fly is meant to mimic small stonefly nymphs and mayfly nymphs. You can tie a large variety of variations by changing up the colors of wire, bead or collar.

John uses Hanak Jig BL400 in sizes 14-#18, but most jig hooks should work well for the purpose. It should also be noted that John uses Spectra dubbing on his flies. I use Diamond Dubbing, but Ice Dubbing or Arizona Synthetic Peacock Dubbing should all work great.

Use the brassie (BR) sized wire for hook sizes #12-16 and scale down to small (SM) UTC Ultrawire for sizes 18-20. John aims for 7-8 segments on the exposed body of the fly. I found that adding a little bit of a tapered thread underbody helps to wrap the wires with touching turns and gives the nymph a nice profile. Dark thread under the body helps if there are gaps in the wire covering.

A little bit of cement applied to the thread wraps under the collar before wrapping will add some extra durability and help keep the finish of the fly clean.

Check out John Newbury’s fly patterns at Alternate dressings –

Glam Rocker Fly Pattern Recipe
Hook: Jig #12-20 Firehole 516
Bead: Silver slotted tungsten

Thread: Olive 8/0 70d

Tail: Dark Pardo CDL fibers

Body: Olive and Gold Ultra Wire BR (SM #18 -20)

Collar: Peacock Ice Dubbing (cement applied under before wrapping)

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