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Tying the Pearl Cathy’s Coat Fly Pattern for Pink & Coho Salmon – Ep172 #PiscatorFlies

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As far as flies for salmon go, this one isn’t too tricky to tackle. The tricky part is getting the polar bear hair. As a substitute for the bear hair, saltwater Yak hair is great and has a nice translucent look. Bucktail or synthetic hair will also work. I’ve used the pink baby bug back from Fly Tyers Dungeon in place of the Laser Wrap, but you could also use Edge Brite.

I’m not sure what the origin of the pattern name is, but it sounds like there may have been an angry wife.

The original pattern is tied with a pink hair tail and wing (might be mixed with some white). It’s a recommended pattern for beach fishing in late Agust into October for both pink and coho salmon.

Pearl Cathy’s Coat Pink Salmon and Coho Salmon fly pattern

Hook: Mustad S71SNP-DT #2-8
Thread: Hot Pink FWN & Black 70D 8/0
Tail: 3 strand pearl crystal flash
Body: Hot Pink FWN under pink scud back
Throat: 1-2 strands pearl crystal flash
Wing: White polar bear & pearl crystal flash
Head: Black


Southern California by Riot (Royalty Free Music)

Camera: Nikon CoolPix B700
Vise: Griffin Montana Mongoose

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