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Don Ordes (Rope Dubbing) DVD#1

First published in 2001 as an internet article, this Rope Dubbing DVD #1 has been 8 years in the making and is much more advanced than the original article. It’s all based on a quick, simple and versatile method of dubbing that Don developed 30 years ago while developing his realistic stoneflies, using fur dubbings. Don did not publish the technique until he found that it was about the only technique that could be used effectively for Ice Dubbing and other synthetics. Don applied the technique to every known dubbing material (and then some) and everything dubbed perfectly. Although this technique bears some similarity to other techniques that produce a dubbing noodle, the technique differs quite a bit in the creation and characteristics of the noodle. He has been demonstrating the method freely at fly shows across the country, introducing hundreds of beginners through professionals to the technique. This DVD was a much-requested item for tiers who could not remember all of the variations from the demonstrations.

I picked up a copy of Don’s DVD from him for Christmas last year, and also sent him a copy of our DVD in exchange. Anyways, he’s has been asking the Ranger to do up a product review on it for his website for quite some time.

This fall Don,  I will actually get around to doing that and posting the review here. I have honestly watched the DVD a few times, but I won’t do any product review until I’ve had a chance to try out all the techniques featured.

I look forward to being a more active contributor here as well, showcasing some new patterns, and perhaps digging up a few older ones to share with you.

Tight Lines, and screaming reels!


Project Healing Waters

If you haven’t checked out this video yet, you should take a moment to do so! The music selection is very appropriate indeed.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled military personnel and veterans and other Canadians suffering physical or psychological injury as a result of their service to Canadians through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings. [Download 2010 Brochure]

Yes, I fully support Project Healing waters, and was at the inaugural meeting earlier this year in Edmonton of the local chapter. If you want to learn more about the program, or know of someone whom might benefit from it, please “hook a brother up!”





FlySource.Net Lives!

For those of you whom were past users, or current users of FlySource software, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. My buddy Kevin is busy working on revamped versions of the software. Nay, nay.. this new release is on steroids! Also coming soon are versions for Mac OS X and Linux, and even promise of an iPhone/iTouch/iPad version. Think of the infinite fly pattern sharing opportunities this will now create.

So, keep an eye out on Kevin’s blog below for the latest news, but just yesterday he made the official announcement about the NBT (“Next Best Thing”) on NLFT/TUC forum below in this post.

“For anyone interested in FlySource, I am actively working on the next version and am keeping a development blog It’s a good place to see what new features are being added. I’ve gotten lots of feedback from NLFT members and many other people too over the last couple years and it all helps to make FlySource better, thanks!


P.S. – The Ranger Bob was invited by his buddy Pacres to be a guest blogger on his site here. I am more then happy to contribute and I will keep you updated on the latest happenings from Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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