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Pishtech Real World Fly Fishing Game

What better way to chase away shack nasties than to go land a few bass, steelhead or cutties. I started playing this game last year, but I have an older version than the version 3 in the demo video. The new fly tying feature looks like it add an interesting spin on the game and I’m curious to see how that all works. Another cool feature is that you can download some additional fishing spots via the Pishtech site. You can download this for 40 bucks or if you want the CD, pay an extra 10 and have it shipped out. I’m not going to upgrade quite yet, but I think I’m going to log off here and go try and catch some steelhead.

Pishtech, if you are reading, please send me an up to date version so I can give it a proper review. 🙂 For more info, visit Pishtech on the Internets


Bud Guidry – Master of Feathers and Silk

Bud has a fantastic sense of tying spectacular freestyle Salmon flies. He hasn’t been tying all that long, just a few years, but he ties flies like he was born with a vise in hand. John over at has put up a page of Bud’s flies and the collection includes over 75 pieces of his work. I’m really stoked by Buds flies and I’m sharing this because I find inspiration in his work. Click here for Bud’s flies.

Bud Guidry’s Dana