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DIY Dubbing Brush and Magnet Tool by Ken Tanaka

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish presents a short but useful tutorial on creating a simple DIY dubbing brush and magnet tool. You can find everything you need either at the dollar store or the craft store. Materials that you will need are velcro, magnet tape (if you have a stronger neodymium, use it), popsicle stick, sand paper, glue and cutting tools. The magnet tape can be on the weak side, but there are a number of inexpensive magnets available on Ebay or Amazon that will really help out on the fly tying desk.

A friend of mine made a set of dubbing brush tools as part of a fly swap years ago, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of them over the years. They didn’t have the magnet component, but it would be quite useful as I employ magnets on my tying desk in a variety of different ways.


Youtube Channel: Wish4Fish
Video Link: W4F – Fly Tying “DiY Dubbing Brush and Magnet Tool”
Instagram: wish4fish
Twitter: @wish4fishTV
Facebook: wish4fish


Bubble Wing Caenis tied by Davie McPhail

This little CDC Bubble Wing Caenis tied by Davie is a magical little dry/emerger fly pattern. The bubble wing is constructed with loops of CDC and this pattern will really float high. The Canis is tied using high contrasting white and natural gray CDC which should help keep it visible in a variety of lighting conditions. This style looks promising, and I’ll be tying a few versions for this week’s trout opener.

Bubble Wing Caenis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Fulling Mill All-Purpose Medium size 16
Thread: White Giorgio Beneccchi
Tail: Light Speckled Coq de Leon Fibres
Body: White CDC Feather
Wing: Two Natural Grey CDC Feathers
Thorax: White CDC Dubbing


Youtube Channel: Davie McPhail
Youtube Video: Bubble Wing Caenis Fly pattern


DIY Laser Dubbing with Piscator Flies

In this do it yourself tutorial, you can see how easy it is to create your own enhanced dubbing like Laser Dubbing or other blended dubs. With just a little bit of wool and some Ice dubbing or Angelina fibers, you can create and customize a dubbing that is similar to the Senyo’s Laser Dub. For example, the Hareline version of the black dubbing uses a UV pearl enhancer, but what if you were to use green or blue or red Angelina fibers in the mix. This method is a great way to mix up small batches of dubbing quickly and can lead to countless variations. Hopefully you know someone who knits and has some extra wool around that you can put to use.

This method is also great for mixing and blending dubbing. One of my favorite blends is a seal dubbing mixed about half and half with ice dubbing. Seal dubbing is really buggy looking, but quite coarse and can be hard to dub, but the added ice dub allows the dubbing to noodle easier, and you get a real boost with the extra flash. I also use this method to blend colors of the same type. I use a custom blend that includes black, blue, red and green for my dark stonefly patterns. Don’t forget to write on the bag what each blend is, and the ratio you used of each fiber. That way you can easily recreate the dubbing once you run out.

To make Dubbing you’ll need

Angelina Fibers (Ebay link)
Pet groomer rake (like this)
Zip-lock bag


Youtube Channel: Piscator Flies
Video Link: DIY Laser Dubbing
Web: Piscator Flies
Instagram: piscatorflies
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