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Suskwa Poacher tied by Darren MacEachern

The Suskwa Poacher is tied on an articulated shank aka stinger hook or intruder hook. You can find the tutorial for tying the shank at and it can be used to tie this fly and many others.

The Suskwa Poacher is a popular and proven Egg Sucking Leech pattern. This dark colored articulated fly is a killer choice for winter steelhead runs and for colored water in warmer seasons. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the spawning steelhead attach leeches on sight because they see them as predators of their vulnerable eggs. The leeches are hit aggressively, bitten, spit out and left for dead.

The fly can be fished on the swing or dead drifted along the bottom. Be sure to use a string wire for the leash and be sure to fold back the tag ends and you’ll have a nice sturdy fly.

Suskwa Poacher fly pattern recipe

Shank: 40mm shank w/ 20lb wire
Thread: 6/0 Fl. pink
Eye: 4mm Brass barbell
Butt: Med. pink chenille
Rear collar: Black marabou
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Body: Flat braid silver
Shoulder: Med. pink chenille
Front collar: Black marabou
Flash: June Bug Flashabou
Hackle: Silver Dr. Blue Schlappen
Head: Med. pink chenille


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Double Bunny aka Baby Rainbow by Mid-Life Flysis

There are a few different ways to tie a Double Bunny streamer and this method for the Baby Rainbow version has a few interesting aspects that I don’t normally take into consideration while tying my own. The shorter belly (gray zonker) is a clever modification that will ensure the fly retains much of its natural movement. One other small adjustment I would try is to tie the flash behind the brass eye as you tie down the zonker. I don’t think that having the flash tied in at the head will have a negative effect, but rather having it tied behind the eye will allow it to swim at a natural lateral line position.

Bull trout love smashing these big meaty streamers. Even in small pocket waters and shallow streamers, I’ve seen greedy bulls hit flies like this. If you are planning on an encounter with some bulls, this should be in consideration for inclusion in the fly arsenal.

Baby Rainbow streamer fly pattern recipe

Hook: #1-6 3xh 7xl streamer hook
Weight: 0.020 lead (25-30 wraps)
Thread: 140 denier UTC
Eyes: 5mm brass eyes
Belly: Rabbit zonker natural gray
Body: Rabbit zonker natural cream
Flash: Pink crystal flash


Youtube Channel: Mid-Life Flysis
Youtube Video: Baby Rainbow (aka) The Double Bunny


Frenchie Nymph (Jig) by The Fly Fiend

The Fly Fiend is a nymphing machine and has been cranking out some stellar nymph patterns. This version of the Frenchie Nymph is tied on a jig hook and adds a little collar of CDC behind the thorax hot spot. The pattern is a simple fly but is a proven staple fly for any trout, grayling, perch of panfish fly box. The Frenchie Nymph is a popular fly for competitive anglers and is seen on many multi-rig setups. The pattern can be modified easily by changing up the thread and thorax dubbing and by using different shades of dyed pheasant tail.

The origins of the pattern are said to have originated in the competitive fly fishing events in Europe. As the story goes, a young Frech angler was stacking up the numbers on the river during a competition. A certain amount of secrecy is expected, and it may be considered uncouth to ask what the anglers catching fish as using. Everyone was expecting that the kid had some ultra realistic fish catcher, but at the end of the event, he revealed the shockingly simple stripped down Pheasant Tail Nymphs.

Frenchie Nymph fly pattern recipe

Hook: Partridge Patriot Jig hook #12-16
Bead: Gold tungsten slotted
Thread: Fl. Pink 70 denier
Tail: CDL barbs (Coque de Leon)
Body: Ringneck pheasant tail
Rib: Fine copper wire (UNI soft wire small)
Collar: CDC natural dun
Thorax: UV pink ice dubbing


Youtube Channel: The Fly Fiend
Youtube Video: Frenchie Nymph fly pattern
Instagram: theflyfiend