Silveynator Tube Fly with Bling Rabbit Strips by Caddis Fly Angling Shop

Silveynator Tube Fly with Bling Rabbit Strips

In this video, fly fishing guide & tyer Rob Hrabik (@sierraflyguy) ties an effective steelhead fly that originated here in the PNW using Hareline’s new Bling Rabbit Strips – Brian Silvey’s Silveynator.

A deadly winter steelhead fly, the Silveynator sinks like a rock, but cast with ease to get to where the fish are. With different colors this fly could be all you need in your fly box. Black, purple, pink, and chartreuse are the classic colors that steelhead key in on. Available in regular widths and magnum widths. Just add your favorite stinger hook and you’re good to go.

Materials are available at

Happy tying!

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