Celebrating a Big Win and some Winter Fly Fishing from Deckers, Colorado – Beyond The Fly Ep.2 S. 3

Celebrating a Big Win and some Winter Fly Fishing from Deckers, Colorado

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In this episode “Celebrating a big win and some winter fly fishing from Deckers, Colorado”. I share with you all one HUGE accomplishment that’s been 365 days in the making. If you have seen any of the older videos you’ll pick up the clues that I love coffee!!! I loved starting the day off with an warm cup of “giddy up” in your hands. I love the folks in the coffee community, the smell of a fresh brew, the process of grinding your own beans, and exploring the different tastes. What I didn’t realize and it took several really bad situations (moments I thought I was going to die) for me to wake up and listen to the Doc’s. Coffee in the amounts I was drinking was jeopardizing all the positive things I was trying to do daily with my health. It was a land mine I hit everyday in the battle with Lyme Disease. It was fueling the Lyme yet slowly killing my life energy and health. Coffee helped me survive the daily grind and made me feel like a normal human, it was familiar, it was always available. Now when your body is severely compromised by a disease, your immune system trashed, and the unknown of what Lyme is doing to your life. You crutch hard on those little things that are familiar especially if you get a rush of caffeine every 3 hours to help race you through the relentless brain fog that takes over your life. Coming off the coffee addiction was one hell of an effort and it sucked. It still sucks! The withdraws, migraines, body aches coupled with the pain that Lyme brings was just brutal and I never want to go through something like that again! As each day, week, and month passes I continue to digest how big of hole I dug. I can see the daylight at the end of the tunnel and know that this is going to give me a strong upper hand over Lyme. It will in the long run help me to be a better, stronger, Lyme free person when it’s all said and done or nature decides my body has won the fight. Thank goodness fly fishing has clearly stepped in as the new addiction. It’s fueling my life again and dropping big benefits to the healing process. Overall today was a hard fought battle with the wind and cold. Reminded me a lot of what I’ve been through this last year. Netting a beautiful Rainbow Trout after dealing with the elements was a remarkable end and gift! Fighting a trout truly feels better then any cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

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\\ Today’s Stats-
Location: COLORADO
Water: South Platte River – Deckers
Time Of Year: Mid January 2020
Ambient Temp: 25-34 Deg F
Wind: Gusting like mad 9-18 mph
Humidity: 30%
Pressure: Rising at 30.39″
Cloud Cover: NONE
Flow: 168 cfs
Clarity: Crystal Clear
Water Temp: 37-39 degrees F
Target: Brown & Rainbow Trout
Winning Fly: Size 22 Black Silver Bead Head Money Midge (BTF).


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