2 Easy Ways to Fix Thick Cloudy Crystallized Bone Dry UV Resin #PiscatorFlies

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UV Resins like Bone Dry have become indispensable to fly tyers over the past few years and for me in particular, Bone Dry has been game-changing. I do however run across this issue with the resin becoming thicker, cloudy (before curing), and gritty with crystals. It’s my understanding that this happens when the product gets below a certain temperature. My tying space is cooler and living in Canada, the Bone Dry gets exposed to cold weather when it is shipped.

These 2 simple methods of renewing your Bone Dry are easy to do, just be careful using the microwave method. I prefer the hot water method as it also loosens up any of the uncured resin that might get deposited under the cap.

I hope that you find this useful.

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