Tying the Rusty Nail Chironomid Var Stillwater fly Pattern – Ep176 PF #PiscatorFlies

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John Kent has a knack for chironomid fly patterns that catch big trout in still waters. While I was researching the fly pattern, I found the John ties this in a couple of different ways. He has a version with a white bead (no breathers) and a copper bead version (with breathers). He also ties the body in either tinsel wrapped first with the wire ribbing counter wrapped, or a stretch micro tubing ribbing wrapped first and the tinsel wound in between the ribs. All of these versions will work great and offer different amounts of the reflective surface.

One other thing I should note is John’s use of stretch floss as an underbody on the chironomid. It helps keep the body smooth and fills it out much quicker than using 70d thread to build the taper. John likes the Mirage Opal tinsel for the fly and it really glows with just a little bit of light, mimicking the trapped gas observed in accending midge pupae.

Rusty Nail Var. Fly Pattern Recipe (John Kent)
Hook: Firehole 315 or similar #10-16

Bead: Copper colored brass or tung
Thread: Wine 8/0 70d
Breathers: Midge Gill yarn
Rib: Wine wire (fine) 6-8 segments
Body: Mirage tinsel
Overbody: Bonedry clear

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Camera: Nikon CoolPix B700
Vise: Griffin Montana Mongoose

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2 thoughts on “Tying the Rusty Nail Chironomid Var Stillwater fly Pattern – Ep176 PF #PiscatorFlies”

  1. Well done on the rusty nail fly demo.

    I have used antistatic film on some of my chiromomid patterns, and have herd of using window film lately, but have never used it as yet. Have you used it, and where did you get it?

    1. Hi Walter, I’ve tried the antistatic bags, We used to use them a lot, but the color range UTC and Flashabou offer are great and I don’t need the extra time and tools to cut strips. 😉 I haven’t tried window film, may have to explore that option. Cheers

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