Tying the Rusty Nail Chironomid Stillwater fly Pattern – #PiscatorFlies

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John Kent has a knack for chironomid fly patterns that catch big trout in still waters. While I was researching the fly pattern, I found the John ties this in a couple of different ways. He has a version with a white bead (no breathers) that we are tying in this video, and a copper bead version (with breathers)https://youtu.be/gCXqLuiqErE.

I used the olive UNI-Stretch here as that was the only color of the material I have on hand. This is fine provided you are tying a fly with a dark body. If you need to tie something with a paler body, go with white. I used a product from Fly Tyers Dungeon called Bug Legs for the ribbing. The color is Deep Spice, a dark red/claret shade. https://ift.tt/2rawgIq

Rusty Nail Fly Pattern Recipe (John Kent)
Hook: Mustad Signature C49s or similar #10-16
Bead: White brass or tung
Underbody: UNI-Stretch
Thread: Wine 8/0 70d
Rib: Micro tubing, Bug Legs(FTD), or Super stretch Floss
Body: Mirage tinsel
Overbody: Bonedry clear

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#Chironomid #flytying #midge #stillwater https://youtu.be/tWXPwiM_zKQ


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