Solar Scud – How to tie a Freshwater Gammarus Shrimp fly pattern #PiscatorFlies PF

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I’ll be honest in that I really have no idea what to call this little scud, so we’ll just dub it Solar Scud for the bright orange spot and use of Solarez resin. I love the transparent finish on the fly as it allows the parasitic/pregnant orange spot to shine through. The finished fly looks great with just a little bit of time put in tying and setting the resin. By no means do you need to use Solarez so long as the resin doesn’t set tacky. You can add a light coat of head cement on top of the resin if there is a bit of tack.

Tan is a great color, but add in some lighter and darker shades, olives, and some burnt orange as well.

Solar Scud fly tying recipe
Hook: Firehole 315 #10
Thread: Tan 8/0 (70d)
Tail: Partridge fibers
Ribbing: Brassie Wire
Body: Hare’s Ear dubbing – spun or dubbed and brushed
HotSpot: Fl. Orange Solarez or similar UV
Carapace: Bone dry as base + Solarez Hard Thick formula


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