Tying the Wee Woolly Caddis Trout fly Pattern #PiscatorFlies

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Hey Threadheads! This fly pattern is the design of Joe Johnson. It’s a quick and dirty caddis pattern with a ton of weight to get the fly down quickly. The original pattern calls for “Wee Wool”, but I’ve used UNI-Yarn here.

The pattern can be found in Pat Dorsey’s Colorado Guide Flies book (Pg 133). I recommend this for every fly tyers library as the book is chock-full of great fly patterns for all waters.
If you want to get a copy for yourself and use the affiliate link below, you’ll be supporting the channel and helping produce more video. https://amzn.to/2HpV1Wx

Wee Woolly Caddis Fly pattern Recipe
Hook: Firehole 633 #10-16
Bead: Black Brass or Tungsten
Weight: 0.020 non-lead wire
Thread: Chartreuse 70D 8/0
Body: Dark Brown UNI-Yarn
Collar: Chartreuse thread

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