Tying The Howard Norton Special Steelhead Fly – Quick Spin

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Hey Thread Heads! This is something a little different than I usually offer, a Quick Spin of the fly. I’ll also be putting together a longer form tutorial with tying instructions, but if you like a quick look at the fly, here is your chance.

The Howard Norton Special is a pattern from the Comet series of steelhead and salmon flies. It was originally developed to be fished on the Russian River for winter steelhead and fall run Chinook salmon. The simple construction of the fly allows for a ton of movement in the tail and the slim profile allows the fly to sink quickly. Iā€™d like to thank Dean Endress for helping with information about the pattern.

Howard Norton Special fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad S73UBLN or similar #
Thread: White 6/0 (140d)
Bead: Silver bead chain 3.2mm
Tag: Silver tinsel
Tail: Orange bucktail tied long
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Body: Orange floss or chenille
Collar: Orange neck hackle

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