Tying the Blue Assassin Trout Fly Pattern – Ep165 PF #PiscatorFlies

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The Blue Assassin is a fly created by Atlanta fly fishing guide Chris Scalley. It is a local pattern and a favorite for fishing the delayed harvest (DH) season on the Chattahoochee River. The DH season runs from November to mid-May when water temperatures can support the stocked populations of trout. While it is a local pattern, it also performs well on other trout waters and anglers are encouraged to try the fly in any trout water where nymphs are fished. The fly is typically fished as a dropper off of a larger hopper pattern.

Several variations of the pattern are tied with a popular variant being a purple collared fly. The materials used in the tail vary from natural materials like mallard and pheasant tail to synthetics such as Z-Lon or similar.

Blue Assasin Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Firehole 315 or similar scud hook sizes #14 – #18
Thread: White FWN (210d underbody), 8/0 (70d) blue thread
Bead: Silver brass or tungsten to appropriate hook size or one size larger
Tail: Dun Antron or Z-Lon
Body: Mirage Flashabou
Ribbing: Small blue UTC wire
Collar: Blue Ice Dubbing

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