Swappers Wanted – 2019 Marabou Fly Tying Swap with Piscator Flies

via IFTTT Welcome swappers!

Please email piscatorflies@gmail.com to join the swap. I’ll send a response to everyone who is interested and you will need to be able to receive messages from me. I’ll take the first 10 swappers. Flies are due on February 15th, 2019.

1. Each tyer will tie 10 flies (11 if you want one of your own back) in the set. Everyone is welcome from beginner to pro.

2. With your flies include a toe tag with the pattern name and your youtube name. If you have a small bag to place the fly and recipe in, it would be much appreciated. If you need help with these things, email me and I can help.

3. It would be awesome to include a typed pattern recipe with each fly with any additional info about the fly.

4. Include your address and a couple of dollars to cover the return shipping. Canada 2 for a stamp USA, 3 for First Class USPS Rest of the world, contact me (would be around $10 for most countries). ** DO NOT SHIP WITH A COURIER LIKE UPS OR FED EX ** If you use these shippers I have to pay extra fees (20-40) to receive your package.

5. If you are shipping from the USA or other international location, please put a value of $20 on the package and list it as fishing lures and a gift. Please let me know when the flies are shipped and I will let you know when they are received.

6. I’ll email those who are in the swap on a group email. I’ll use BCC so your email and personal info isn’t shared. Please check your spam folder if you do not see an email from me.

7. I’ll be putting together a short video for the channel with pictures of each swap fly. I will also try and put together a document for the swappers with images and the fly info included. You will need to email me your comments on the pattern (any special instructions) and the recipe for the fly.

7. Any questions? Please ask. Let’s have fun and get a few new fly patterns for our boxes.

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