#FRIDAYFLYTYING: The Crazy Charlie by Allen Fly Fishing

#FRIDAYFLYTYING: The Crazy Charlie

For this week’s #FRIDAYFLYTYING, we tied the Crazy Charlie in honor of the late, great Charlie Smith, who passed away this past Saturday. This fly, pioneered by Charlie and one of his anglers, Bob Nauheim, is a glass shrimp imitation and a real bonefish slayer. It’s also the first fly to use bead chain eyes to roll the fly over into a hook-point-up position. While the traditional pattern is white with standard silver bead chain and mono ribbing, here we’ve used chartreuse bead chain (because @ajgottschalk Ran out of silver) and chartreuse vinyl D-rib to match, but spaced out the ribbing rather than using the original touching wraps to keep the amount of chartreuse more limited. In the original words of Charlie: “Dat fly is nasty, mon!”
Hook: SW002, 003, or 004 –
Pearl DiamondBraid-
Beadchain –
Calftail –
Lateral Scale or other flash fiber –
D Rib or mono –

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