Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy by Mid-Life Flysis

Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy

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So I was going through my old video footage and I forgot all about this one! I meant to post this in the early fall but it slipped my mind so here is a little bonus tying video. Makes me miss my tying gear even more (hopefully in the new house and unpacked by late February!)

Here it is:
The Quill Body Humpy “Quillimodo”
Tail: moose body
Thread: UTC 70 yellow
Body: Stripped peacock quill and 2mm sheet foam
Wings: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Furnace and Grizzly
UV Resin.

Great fly to take advantage of the look of a quill body fly with the buoyancy and visibility of the classic Humpy. I hope this helps all my tying friends get through the cold dark of January!
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2 thoughts on “Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy by Mid-Life Flysis”

  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I love getting the emails each morning with the cool patterns and videos from other fisherman! Thanks so much!!

    1. No problem, I love following your adventures on the Alberta eastern slopes. I get to fish my dream streams vicariously through you.

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