Fly Tying: Brian Wise’s Wiggle Stone by Flymen Fishing Company

Fly Tying: Brian Wise’s Wiggle Stone

Learn to tie this next-generation stonefly…

Being known as a pretty major streamer lover, I often get lumped into the crowd that only ties big, gnarly streamers. But I’m also a fly fishing guide, and not everyone enjoys throwing streamers on 8-weight rods with sinking line all day, so nymphing is a huge part of my guiding.

The Wiggle Stone is my standard when nymphing deep in a stream where stoneflies live. As with any Stonefly pattern, the most important question is “How quick does it get to the bottom” and with the Nymph-Head Evolution Stonefly tungsten beadhead, this pattern goes straight to the bottom and into the strike zone.

Fly Recipe
Hook: Kona Nymph Streamer 2XL (NS2), size #6 (
Antennae: Sili-Legs
Bead Head: Nymph-Head Evolution Stonefly tungsten beadhead, brown, size large (
Underbody: .025 Lead Wire
Tail: Sili-Legs
Ribbing: Mono Thread
Case: U.V. Chewee Skin
Wax: Loon High Tack Swax
Body: Wiggle Dubbing (in a dubbing loop)

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