Tying a Pop Up Worm Fly Pattern for Carp, Bass & Trout – Ep152 PF #PiscatorFlies

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The Pop Up Worm is a hybrid of the San Juan Worm and the McTage’s Trouser Worm flies. The foam discs on the tail of the Pop Up Worm keep the chenille suspended above the bottom and in cooperation with the brass barbell eyes, keep the hook point riding up. This should help prevent snags and entice any hungry vermivores like bass, carp, trout, and panfish.

To create the discs, I use 2mm craft foam cut out with a punch tool. I then pierce the discs with a bodkin before threading the discs through some ultra chenille (use superglue to stick them) with a dental floss threader.

In the video, I use flesh pink chenille for the worm body and brown foam for the clitellum of the worm, but try using chenilles and foam in brown, green, red, orange, and pinks to explore the possibilities of this fly pattern.

Pop-up Worm fly pattern recipe

Hook: Firehole 633 #10-14
Thread: Danville Shrimp Pink 8/0 (70d) *
Weight: Black brass barbell 4mm
Body: Flesh Ultra Chenille standard *
Clitellum: 2mm foam 3-4 discs **

*Substitute colors as seen fit
** Use a standard hole punch to form discs

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