November Fly Fishing in Colorado with Beyond The Fly

November Day In Colorado Fly Fishing – Beyond The Fly | Ep.3 S.2

November has quickly become history and didn’t yield as much fishing as I was hoping for. Not going to complain and truthfully I am still buzz’n off the last trip to the Yampa! Luckily for the Beyond The Fly channel, the weather turned sour and entered into full-blown winter mode. That screams music to the ears of someone who likes the challenge of hunting trout during the winter and fighting off the elements that come with it. That being said, I am just happy to get out one more time in November, close it out in style, and soak up a few hours of fly fishing therapy. The benefits paid off and a long lingering headache was washed away with the cold flowing water. It always helps to put a few browns in the net to cheer a guy up! I hope each of you has a fantastic holiday season. Thank you for watching and I hope you can sense the joy & excitement of being on the water! “Let that light shine bright and keep those lines tight” ~Beyond The Fly


Location: Buena Vista, Colorado
Water: Arkansas River
Time Of Year: Late November 2018
Target: Trout
Winning Set Up: Size 16 BTF tied Copper Johnny on point & a BTF tied size 20 Ju Ju B on the drop.
Ambient Temp: 25-37 deg F
Water Temp: Cold @ 33-36 deg F
Water Flow & Color: 93-94 CFS & clear
Wind: 3-16 mph

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This channel is dedicated to more than just fly fishing. It is about overcoming major life challenges, embracing the new, sharing the adventures, and soaking up the healing power of simply “being outside”. It has taken years to get to this point and I can truly say that fly fishing is a key component in my recovery from a continued battle with Lyme Disease.


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