Griffin Odyssey “Cam” Review – McFly Angler Fly Tying Reviews by McFly Angler

Griffin Odyssey “Cam” Review – McFly Angler Fly Tying Reviews
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The Griffin Odyssey is a great vise for the price. At just over $100, In my opinion there really isn’t a better, or easier to use vise on the market. Also at the price range, it makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. For most families, $100 is reasonable, but some of these $300-400 vises might seem a bit of a stretch. I agree, and for the beginner tier, these vises really aren’t necessary, and you won’t see much benefit to you unless your tying over 200 flies a month. And most beginners just aren’t going to be able to produce that many, or need to produce that many flies. So in reality, the versatility of this vise, and the price make it an exceptional buy for the beginner to average tier. And in reality, can be used for many many years without needing to upgrade. I think many experienced tiers would have no problem tying on this vice at all!

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