#FRIDAYFLYTYING: Prince Nymph Variant by Allen Fly Fishing

#FRIDAYFLYTYING: Prince Nymph Variant

Doug Prince first developed the Prince Nymph in the 30s, and it’s become a fly box necessity for good reason. This pattern is an excellent imitation for everything from stoneflies to water boatmen, more typically seen in lake fishing (check out the Stillwater Fly Fishing app to see more about these little guys!). The only reason we’ve made any changes to the pattern today is that we couldn’t find our peacock herl and the right hen hackle, but let’s pretend it’s to improve the durability of the fly! Whether you tie this pattern in a classic way (do it – peacock herl is a proven fish-catcher) or follow along with this variant, you need Prince Nymphs in your fly box!

– Hook: D102BL –
– Brass or Tungsten Ball Bead –
– Peacock Herl or Dubbing –
– Goose Biots –
– Weighted Wire –
– Gold Wire –
– Hen Hackle (or partridge replacement) –


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