Firehole Stones Fly Tying Tungsten Bead Review – #PiscatorFlies

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Hey Thread Heads, these little beauties just arrived in the mailbox on Monday and I wanted to give you my opinion on this new line of tungsten beads from Firehole outdoors.

Before we get into it, I just want to let you know that I am not sponsored by Firehole and have paid for the beads out of pocket. This way I can give you my honest opinion on the product. I did get a bit of a discount by taking part in their pre-sale offer.


Basic metallics in silver, gold, copper, and nickel black
Matte White, cream puff (fluro), pink Floyd (fluro), true blood, screaming red (fluro), fire orange (fluro), pink panther(fluro), caddis green (fluro), chartreuse (fluro), autumn, royal blue (fluro), olive, almond joy, slate blue, dark olive, mounds, and black.


The color range is great. The metallics are bright and shiny. The fluorescent colors are really bright and UV glow under UV light.
The beads are available in 5 sizes currently. 2.0mm- 4.0mm incremented by 0.5mms for each size. This covers sizes 8-22 hooks.
The matte finish is really quite durable. It took a lot of effort to scratch through the paint
The color is applied inside the bead as well making it harder to chip
The matte finish takes paint well and it adheres well. Make your own speckled colors with some nail polish or paints.
Weights are very consistent with a random set of 4.0mm each weighing 0.45-0.46g
Cost per bead is reasonable with beads costing between 0.22 – 0.25 per bead. I priced out comparable beads at 0.30-0.36 each
Packages are interlocking. Nice for storage.
The packaging is rigid and is easy for stacking. The beads shipped inside small bags inside the plastic cases. The cover includes a color reference on the top as well as the hook range the bead is best suited for.


There is a tiny bit of defect on some of the beads where they were hung for painting. It is quite small though and when the hook is placed on the hook, it isn’t noticeable.
Some of the coatings on the beads are slightly uneven. This isn’t a deal breaker and only noticeable on close inspection.
The bead size range only goes to 4.0mm so if you want beads for #6 or larger streamers you’re out of luck. But it does look like a 4.5mm model is slated for production in the future.

So, with all this taken into consideration, these beads are a good buy in my honest opinion. The quality of the beads and the finish is really great quality. The price for the beads is also quite reasonable and actually less expensive than comparable products. I’m actually excited to see how the line of brass beads turns out as well. If you have anything else to add on the stones, leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you want to get some of these beads, I’ll leave a link in the description below.



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