Balanced Leech-Watermelon/Red-Phil Rowley Fly Tying by Philip Rowley

Balanced Leech-Watermelon/Red-Phil Rowley Fly Tying

Balanced Leech-Watermelon/Red
Hook: Daiichi 4640 #10
Thread: MFC 8/0, Black
Tail: MFC Barred Marabou, Olive/Black Mixed With 2 Strands of Copper Flashabou Along Each Side
Body: Arizona Simi Seal Watermelon/Red
Bead: Tungsten, 1/8”, Black Nickel

Over the past few seasons, I have been experimenting with other colors for my Balanced Leeches. Through these experiments, the Arizona Simi Seal Watermelon/Red color has proven itself to be a great color for trout, especially during the fall months. This Watermelon Red version is rapidly climbing up my favorites ladder in my stillwater fly box.

My most consistent presentation method during the fall and early spring with this pattern is suspending the fly beneath Quick Release Indicators in and around shoreline weeds and over shallow weed beds. This pattern, as with all balanced flies, is also an excellent cast and retrieve option. Using a floating, Midge Tip, clear intermediate or hover line in conjunction with a 4-6 slow strip-pause retrieve, trout and other game fish find the seductive jig of a stripped balanced fly tough to resist.

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