Cluster Maggot or Maggot Cluster?

The Cluster Maggot is a dream find for any hungry trout, panfish or carp on the hunt. It’s likely that one of the first baits you used as a kid was a maggot on a hook, so you know how effective the off-white morsels are for catching. Now multiply this into a larger snack pack of a dozen maggots and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

The fly is tied in a similar manner as the Crystal Meth steelhead fly and finished like the San Juan Worm with a softly touched flame to the tips of each strand of chenille. If you do choose to target carp, I recommend using a heavier nymph hook for the fly.

Cluster maggot Fly Pattern recipe

Hook: Firehole 419 #12-16 (or another dry fly hook)
Thread: Buttercup 6/0 (70d) (white or cream thread)
Body: White or cream Ultra chenille
Accent: Ice Dubbing Pearl UV (Golden Brown)

Cluster Maggot fly pattern
Cluster Maggot fly pattern


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